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Ad King Pro version 1.9.12 released – Invoice King Pro upcoming updates

Things have been rather quiet at the King Pro Plugin desks, or at least quiet on King Pro Plugin work anyway, I on the other have have been majorly busy which has prevented me from doing anything even remotely productive for the plugins. Good news is that in the last week or so, things have “actually” been quiet and I’ve had some time to bust out some updates, do ALOT of support work for the plugins and also write a couple of articles.

Ad King Pro 1.9.12 released

Ad King Pro - Default SettingsA few support tickets and feature suggestions sparked the urgency to get this release pushed live. One feature request was to add the ability to set default options when creating new adverts. The scenario was that this user was creating 200+ adverts and having to change the media type and to check on nofollow. Now this may not seem like much to do for one, but you could imagine after inputting a large number of adverts at one time, it would get quite monotonous. The default settings available are: media type, window target, no follow option, remove link option, revenue per impression value and revenue per click value. If you can think of any other options that may benefit being in this default list, let me know in the comments below. The default options feature has now been added to the settings area of Ad King Pro.

Ad king Pro - Shortcode BuilderAnother addition that is worth a mention is the shortcode builder. I have had countless emails from users that don’t quite understand how to setup the shortcodes correctly for their need, or have never been introduced to shortcodes before. To combat this, I have coded in a section to the edit screen that you can tailor make your shortcode using the options provided. This doesn’t cover “every” scenario, for the particular scenarios you can still manually write the shortcode, but for the majority, this builder will give you exactly what you need!

A couple of other items made the update list. Updating the CSS for the plugin to work with the 3.8+ version of wordpress changes, particularly the menu icons as well as a few columns being added to the advert list screen. There is now a shortcode column displaying the shortcode for that advert and a media column so you know what type of advert it is. This is quite useful when you have a lot of adsense, text or HTML5 media types where theres no image to display in the list row. At least now, using the URL column and the media column, you should be able to easily determine what advert is what.

Invoice King Pro upcoming updates

Ad King Pro hasn’t been the only plugin that has been getting attention and feature suggestions rolling in for. Invoice King Pro, which is amongst the more popular plugins in the King Pro range, has always got a huge amount of ideas flooding through for it. Some are features that could easily fit into the core version of the plugin as well as some ideas that would make for a great addon.

A few that have stood out are the ability for multiple calculations per row. I can see how this would be valuable to some companies and would also open up the functionality of the plugin. This feature is currently in planning stage as the changes to the data would need to be quite significant and I need to keep in mind the existing data that everyone is currently using. Rest assured, once released, there will be no change required to your setup to have your existing data work with the new version, or at least thats the plan anyway.

Some great ideas for addons have come through, two of which have really caught my attention. Syncing the wordpress user list with the Invoice King Pro clients list – which is currently in development and will be released in the coming months – and preset rows, or “products” if you will.

First, let me touch on the client sync addon. This will be a very simple interface where you will be given a list of your wordpress users. From here you can choose whether you sync all the users or you select a number of them to sync. Using the email address as the unique entity, it will match the user with an Invoice King Pro client. If the email address is not found, the client is created using the information of the users data, or if it is found, will update all information on the client. As not all of the client fields exist by default in the users table but could exist in some customised situations, I’m allowing the ability to “map” the user fields to the client fields. I’m also planning to have the action work in reverse, so you can sync data entered into the clients into your WordPress users section. Keep your eyes out for this one.

The preset rows addon is yet to be started yet, however I do have some serious ideas on how to go about this one. Before I get into it though, I want it to be known that Invoice King Pro was never intended to become an e-commerce platform where it will display a list of products on the front end which lets users select products, add them to a cart and checkout, generating an invoice and emailing it automatically. I’ll leave that to plugins like WooCommerce that provide that functionality so well. I heard what your saying, “You’ll just lose users to WooCommerce then”, which I would disagree. I am targeting a very different user with Invoice King Pro.

I believe that having the ability to preset row details to be selected from when creating an invoice will shave a huge amount of time off the user creating the invoices for a company that has very defined and structured billing (a monthly hosting cost for a web design studio for example) – combine that with the recurring invoices addon and you have yourself a well oiled machine ;).

This addon will be started once the clients sync addon has been released along with many other plugins that have been in the pipeline for a while like a paypal addon that will give your clients the option to pay their invoice via paypal without fuss and many other ideas that have been added to the roadmap (which I must admit, I have been slack to update).

Support is most important at King Pro Plugins

As alot of you would testify to, I try to do my best to cover all support tickets, emails, tweets, facebook posts and forum posts. I am planning on giving you yet another way of getting in contact with me, a live chat! Amongst having a life, my full time job, freelance work, answering support tickets, doing updates to existing plugins and building new addons and plugins, I have also been working on building a live chat for this site. Granted I could use a pre existing service like LiveChat but thats just not as much fun 😉

I’ll keep you posted on the release of that awesome little addition to the site.


As always, if you have any issues with any of the King Pro Plugin range or have any ideas and suggestions for new features, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any of the medias mentioned above and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Otherwise, happy WordPress’ing 🙂

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