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Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
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Ad King Pro has FINALLY has an update! A cleanup really with a few tweaks to a couple of features. More to come!
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Invoice King Pro and Ad King Pro both receive some amazing new features that you will want to know about!
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Invoice King Pro 1.1.5 gets some handy improvements | Ad King Pro 1.9.14 continues to provide

After a few weeks of some full on work, what has been produced from it has been well worth it. Lots of great suggestions for plugins, some of which I put alot of thought toward. Some of you may have also noticed that the logo has changed recently – thats quite the story 😉

Invoice King Pro 1.1.5 gets some handy improvements

I get a great deal of feedback for the Invoice King Pro plugin from those that love the flexibility that the plugin gives you to create your own plugins. Some recent suggestions have been quite valuable, so much so that I have pushed to have them in the latest version of the plugin.

Invoice King Pro - Sent DateBetween versions 1.1.4 and 1.1.5, niche features have been added to give more value to the plugin. One feature is having a date for the last time you sent the invoice via the system, seem so simple yet so powerful and almost necessary to have for management of your invoices. A popular feature that has been asked for quite some time is the automated entry of the date when an invoice is created. I know alot of you will be pleased that feature is there!

A fantastic suggestion was to have the variables, that you can currently use in the email content, to add invoice details into the open content fields of the template. Allowing this now gives you more freedom to have the invoices you generate even more customisable at the same time as being automated to save you time when creating your invoices.

The last item added to the plugin thats worth mentioning is being able to set a default value for the tax/gst field of the invoice. Speaking of the tax/gst field, one suggestion that has recently come through is to provide more than one of these fields to the invoice. This feature is currently in planning stage however the concept is to have the option to choose the amount of tax/gst fields and what their percentage values are. Keep an eye out for this feature if your in the need for 2 or more different tax percentages!

Ad King Pro 1.9.14 continues to provide you with great features

The ever-popular Ad King Pro has yet again been given a great deal of attention. A great friend and supporter of the King Pro Plugin family, Rob Potter – the owner and operator of Photography Hot Spots, happily uses a great deal of plugins from the King Pro Plugin range on his site. He recently took some time to really concentrate on setting up his Ad King Pro adverts throughout the site and came up with some invaluable features that will not doubt see Ad King Pro reach a new level of providing you with a way to add your adverts to your site.

Rob is using the Google Analytics implementation to track his impressions and clicks that was added in version 1.9.13. The way he is using the plugin, and because he already uses Google Analytics to track his page views, he has no requirements to track the impressions of the ads. Because of this, purely to keep his GA account clean with valuable analytic data, he wanted a way to turn off the impressions and only allow the clicks to be tracked. So two new checkboxes were added to the settings to control this. This doesn’t just work when using the GA implementation, you can use it with the local tracking as well!

Ad King Pro advert rollover imageThe other feature Rob had cross his mind was being able to assign a rollover image to his banners. This was something that I never considered but once made aware of the idea, I thought it was a feature that many would value highly. I have now added to the plugin the option to add a rollover image to the advert. This automatically adds a bit of CSS to the advert to allow for the hover. Without getting too technical about it, the rollover images sits underneath the original image. On hover, the CSS is set to bring the rollover image over the top of the original and upon leaving the image, it returns underneath. For those that want to get fancy with the transition, you can assign your own hover states using either CSS or jQuery – I’ll be doing a separate post on what you could use for that.

King Pro Plugins logo dilemma…

As long time users of the plugins would be aware, the logo of King Pro Plugins was changed recently. This was something that I was required to do after being approached by WordPress in regards to infringing on the WordPress trademark. Naturally I’m a supporter of WordPress so getting on their bad side is never my intention.

I am grateful to the WordPress Foundation for giving me the opportunity to rectify the issue without resulting to any legal actions.

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