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RSS King Pro 1.0.7 boasts powerful functionality – Ad King Pro 1.9.13 fixes some big issues

From my last post being quiet to this post being extremely busy! I have had many great people using and commenting on functionality of a few of the King Pro Plugins which has forced me to get things into gear and provide some great support on the plugins by making modifications requested by you – the user.

RSS King Pro 1.0.7 gains great useful functionality

Sanjay Rawat from Pramarsh business services contacted me about the RSS King Pro plugin and getting some functionality into it that didn’t already exist. From version 1.0.5 to 1.0.7, Sanjay had a hand in providing valuable use cases that tested the plugins usability. From things like allowing GET variables in the pagination links, numbered pagination for the RSS feed, pagination location on the page and some very important rendering options for various types of RSS feed outputs that exist.

To carry out the range of new functionality about, quite a few new shortcode options have been created:

  • pagingtype – this gives you the choice of what type of pagination you’d like to use. By default, ‘paging’ is the default which outputs the traditional ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ page links that long time RSS King Pro users have come to know. With the addition now of ‘numbers’, you can now output the page numbers instead. If you’d like the best of both worlds, no problem! Just use ‘both’ as the pagingtype value.
  • activeclass – obviously you’d like to notify your users of what page they are on when using the numbered pagingtype from the shortcode option above. This option lets you put your own class on the active page link to style that link the way you want. The default class on this is ‘rss_pagination_active’.
  • paginglocation – now that you have the paging type you want, why not have control on where you display it. Normally you would have the pagination at the bottom of the page, which is what the default is for this option, however you can choose to have the pagination at the top of the feed, or of course, both.
  • renderhtml – its been brought to my attention that there are some feeds out and about that has quite a bit of HTML within its contents and descriptions. So to help you tailor the output to the feed your using, you can turn this setting on and off to suit. This can come in handy when using the descriptionlength and contentlength options. By default, this is set to ‘false’.
  • readmorelink – when shortening the length of the content output, and depending on how you structure your output, you may or may not want to have a ‘read more’ link at the end of the shortened content. By default, this is set to false and will not display, however set this to ‘true’ and you get your link.
  • readmoretext – in conjunction with the readmorelink option above, you can also choose what that link text is. By default it is set to the standard ‘Read more’ text, but you can change this to what you’d like.

So with more options to now play with, there is no reason why you can have your RSS feed display just the way you want it with minimal effort to do it. A big thank you to Sanjay for working with me to get this functionality working. Sanjay has also informed me that he has some more ideas – watch this space 😉

Ad King Pro fixes some big issues with 1.9.13

There have been a few people that have found some rather big problems with Ad King Pro that really needed some attention. One being that the plugin prevented users from using bbPress while Ad King Pro was installed. It was something stupid and simple that caused this major problem which as now been fixed in 1.9.13.

Another issue relates more to high traffic sites (and in time any other website) in conjunction with Ad King Pro being setup incorrectly. The way that the impressions and clicks are being stored in the system to allow for the reporting of those impressions and clicks is they are stored in the database on a one-row-per scenario to be able to handle the expiry settings by matching up the IP address on the expiry list. On high traffic sites that has that expiry time really low, or on none found that the database bloated and slowed considerably. This of course is not great and needs to be looked at to provide a better solution locally to the system.

Ad King Pro Enable Google Analytics

As an interim effort to continue to use Ad King Pro as a great way to place advertising around your website and track those impressions and clicks without causing any database issues is integrating those stats into Google Analytics using the event tracking functionality. This idea (as well as the HTML5 media option) was put forward to me by Matt McFarland, by showing me a gist of a custom script he built to use SVG banners with an iFrame and pushing the impressions and clicks to Google Analytics instead. I thought this was a very neat idea, with or without the database bloating issue that exists. So I’ve derived a way to implement this into the core of Ad King Pro, giving the individual user the option to use it and also what type of analytics they have installed.


Ad King Pro Google Analytics enabledIn the Ad King Pro settings screen under “Tracking Settings” there is now a checkbox to enable Google Analytics event tracking. This does require that you have the standard analytics site tracking code, either classic (ga.js) or universal (analytics.js), implemented on your site. Upon checking that box, you are given some new options to work with to help you implement this with your analytics account. This will allow you to define what analytic code you are using on your site and control the ‘action’ value of the event on the impressions and clicks.

Ad King Pro Google Analytics optionsThe only other step you need to take is to define the ‘category’ and ‘value’ fields of the event on the individual adverts in the system. There is a new GA section in the edit screens with a couple of textboxes that you can fill in. It will give you an example of what the code is that will be used to track your impressions and clicks based on what type you selected in the settings. This is more for the hardcore analytic users that would like to know how the event functions are structured. You don’t have to actually do anything with this information, it is all done automatically for you through the existing shortcode or widget outputs.

All you need to do now is watch your events in your Google Analytics account under ‘Behaviour -> Events’. I wont get into how to use Google Analytics if your new to it, thats for someone much more knowledgable than me on the subject as well as something you can probably do a course for!


There is plenty of new features there to keep you busy as well as alot more across all of the King Pro Plugins range that will keep me busy in implementing going forward. As always, if you have any issues or have any ideas, please let me know. Credit goes out to both Sanjay and Matt for providing their thoughts and ideas to me to make these plugins better for the WordPress community. Till next time 😉

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