Great plugin! Implemented within minutes and simple for end users to manage.
Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
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Using the same category base name as the page name permalinks

For SEO purposes I have always wanted to keep the category permalink underneath the main blog page url (ie http://yourdomain/blog/ and http://yourdomain/blog/category/category-name/) which is fine until you need paging to work on the main blog page (http://yourdomain/blog/page/2/) which you will find will 404 because the WordPress system thinks that ‘page’ is a category your trying to find and it doesn’t exist.

Not all is lost, you just need to educate the system a little 😉

Add the following to the functions.php file:

function kpp_main_blog_pagination(){
add_action( 'init', 'kpp_main_blog_pagination' );

Be sure to replace the blog slug to match your main blog page url. Happy permalinking 😉

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