Great plugin! Implemented within minutes and simple for end users to manage.
Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
BFowler for Ad King Pro

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Ad King Pro has FINALLY has an update! A cleanup really with a few tweaks to a couple of features. More to come!
Your using Ad King Pro right? Your site is responsive, surely. Implement adverts so their mobile friendly!
Invoice King Pro and Ad King Pro both receive some amazing new features that you will want to know about!
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4 thoughts on “Hacked By Shade

  1. Hi Uzair,

    You’ll find that $_GET variables only relate to variables within the Address bar. To get the URL for the image that you have linked through to the post of the custom post type that you have set this up for, you would retrieve the details from the $post object.

    For example, if you setup a custom post type of “example_posttype” then when your pulling out the information using WP_QUERY, you will have access to the image upload field you created on that post type.

    If you created a system option, you can grab it using the get_option() function.

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