Great plugin! Implemented within minutes and simple for end users to manage.
Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
BFowler for Ad King Pro

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WordPress advertising plugin with click tracking and banner rotation

Displaying advertising on your site using WordPress has never been easier! This WordPress advertising plugin, Ad King Pro, gives you impression and click tracking, an easy-to-use interface to upload and manage all your sites adverts, easy banner placement with shortcodes and widget, banner ad rotation, profit reporting with CSV or PDF report output and more!

Ad King Pro | Advert ListWith the ability to use an image, a flash SWF file, your Google Ad Sense ads or even plain text, Ad King Pro provides a way to get these onto your site seamlessly and quickly with a simple shortcode that can be used in any page or post, placed into the template directly or by using the widget provided.

Assign multiple images to an advert type and set the size that advert type should be and Ad King Pro will display your ads at that size, keeping your page layout intact. Turn on the rotation feature and modify the settings to your liking to have your adverts rotate before your eyes. Just want to have your adverts display randomly on each page load? No problem, Ad King Pro does that for you by default!

Ad King Pro | SettingsNow that you have your advertising on your site, the way you want it to be, now what? Your clients advertising on your site will love you when you give them a detailed report on home many times their advert was displayed on the site and how many times it was clicked on. Ad King Pro takes into account multiple clicks by storing and preventing IP addresses for a set time. This time is completely customisable by you in the settings. For both impressions and clicks, you can determine how often impressions and clicks are registered for an IP address per advert.

Are you lucky enough to have a client pay you for advertising their ads on your site? You have found the right plugin! Not only will Ad King Pro give you and your client stats on impressions and clicks, but it gives you the ability to assign home much each impression and click is for each advert. Ad King Pro will include these totals on the report output.

Ad King Pro | Detail Reports

You can generate reports for any timeframe you like. Choose to see the all-time, the current month, week, day or choose a particular date range. Options to either output a CSV or PDF of the stats to give to your client. Need a styled or branded report template to give you that professional look? No problem, contact us here at King Pro Plugins to ??organise to have your very own theme created for you!

Using Ad King Pro for your advertising will be the best choice you ever make. Download it now directly from the??Wordpress Plugin Directory either from??your WordPress admin by searching for ‘Ad King Pro’ or download it from the Directory.