Great plugin! Implemented within minutes and simple for end users to manage.
Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
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WordPress invoicing with custom PDF themes to carry your brand

As a freelancer, creating and sending out invoices can be a tedious job. In comes Invoice King Pro. This plugin fills the void between creating your invoices manually and paying for an Invoicing software package such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks or MYOB. WordPress invoicing using Invoice King Pro is a great alternative to those packages for freelancers or even small businesses.

Invoice King Pro | Settings ScreenInvoice King Pro turns your WordPress admin into an invoicing system, giving you the ability to create your invoices your way, with options to add your own columns, set how the row totals and sub totals are calculated. Every part of the template is customisable and editable to how ever you need it. The vast amount of settings allows you to auto-populate each invoice you create with your details so that you don’t need to enter those details each time. The email messages that are sent to the clients are also modifiable within the settings screen.

Invoice King Pro | Edit InvoiceThe branding of invoices can be a great touch to any freelancer or business owner. With Invoice King Pro, you can have the design you always wanted, all together with the dynamic ability of a templated output. Using the themes available here on this website, you can personalise your invoices to your liking. Themes can include the ability to upload your own logo, change the font colours and more. If these aren’t enough of personalisation for you, contact us here at King Pro Plugins and a theme can be custom build specifically for you. Your existing invoice design can be digitised if needed.

Invoice King Pro | Invoice ListThese themes generate a PDF version dynamically straight from the WordPress admin, inputting the details you enter. The invoices can be viewed or emailed directly to the client the invoice was made out to, coming from the email address you specify so that if your client replies, you are the first to know.

Invoice King Pro | Client ListYour clients details can be saved too for quick retrieval for the next time you need to invoice them by saving them to the client list within Invoice King Pro.

So if you need to create invoices quickly and easily with little effort, try out Invoice King Pro by downloading it now directly from the??Wordpress Plugin Directory either from your WordPress admin by searching for “Invoice King Pro” or download it from theĀ Directory.