Great plugin! Implemented within minutes and simple for end users to manage.
Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
BFowler for Ad King Pro

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Ad King Pro has FINALLY has an update! A cleanup really with a few tweaks to a couple of features. More to come!
Your using Ad King Pro right? Your site is responsive, surely. Implement adverts so their mobile friendly!
Invoice King Pro and Ad King Pro both receive some amazing new features that you will want to know about!
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Invoice King Pro has already been spoken about as having awesome functionality and one of the best invoicing systems available on the WordPress Plugin Directory. Why stop there right? There has been large numbers of requests for some particular functionality that not everyone needs or wants but can be very valuable to some people. This is where Add-ons become important. Below are the list of current add-ons available for Invoice King Pro. If your looking for some functionality that isn’t even covered here by add-ons, let us know!

Please Note: Add-ons require the latest version of the plugin. Please ensure you upgrade if there is an update before installing and using these add-ons. All future updates are INCLUDED in the price.
Price is for one (1) license allowing the add-on to be used on one (1) WordPress install on one (1) domain ONLY.

Recurring Invoices
Turn new and existing invoices into automatic recurring invoices via a cron. (recommended to setup server cron job over relying on default wp_cron)
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Attach additional files to all and individual invoices when sent to client (recommended to use SMTP King Pro with it for best results)
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Client Sync
Sync your WordPress users into your Invoice King Pro client list using the Client Sync
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