Great plugin! Implemented within minutes and simple for end users to manage.
Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
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Invoice King Pro – Addons – Attachments


The attachments addon for Invoice King Pro gives you the ability to attach additional files to invoices you send. You can either attach files to individual invoices, or attach files to send with every invoice you email out of your WordPress admin.

attachments-uploader-in-editor-with-filesThe uploaders are directly hooked into your WordPress media library, allowing you easy access to your existing content as well as being able to easily manage your files and upload new ones to attach.

Attach one, attach many – there is no limit to the amount of files you can attach to all or one emailed invoice. To give a better experience to your users, link this functionality up with the SMTP King Pro plugin and have your emails send from your actual email box.