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Invoice King Pro – Addons – Recurring Invoices


The Recurring Invoices addon for Invoice King Pro opens up functionality to turn new and existing invoices into automatic recurring invoices based on a timeframe that you specify per invoice. You have choices of:

  • Daily
    Recurs every day at the time the cron runs (on or after the time the original invoice was generated)
  • Weekly
    Recurs every week on the day the original invoice was created
  • Two Weekly (or Fortnightly)
    Recurs every 2 weeks on the day the original invoice was created
  • Four Weekly
    Recurs every 4 weeks from the day the original invoice was created
  • Monthly
    Recurs every month on the date the original invoice was created (the 4th of every month if the original invoice was created on the 4th)
  • Three Months
    Recurs every 3 months on the date the original invoice was created
  • Six Months
    Recurs every 6 months on the date the original invoice was created
  • Yearly
    Recurs every year on the date the invoice was created

recurring-invoices-recur-datesOnce a recur sequence is chosen, you are given 2 options – a start and end date. You can set the start date to be the day the invoice is created or to a date in the future if you require it to start at a specified date (if you were to give a client 3 months free for example).

Settings for when the cron runs are managed within the Invoice King Pro settings area. These settings consist of what time of the day that the cron will run (if using the WP_CRON method which is not recommended), whether you receive a notification of how many invoices where created and what email address that notification is to go to.

As mentioned, using the WP_CRON method is not recommended and its suggested if you have the ability to set up a server cron job instead, using the cron url provided on your Invoice King Pro recurring invoices settings page. You are required to update your config file too to disable the WP_CRON functionality. This is suggested because the WP_CRON will only run when a page is visited after the time set in the settings. This means that even though you set your recurring invoices to generate at 8am, if no one visits your site or admin until 11am that day, the recurring invoices won’t generated until 11am. If you set a server cron, it is not relying on anything or anyone to run that script at the time you specified.



Things to keep in mind here though is if you have other functions and scripts using WP_CRON. If you do, be sure to schedule the server cron to run at the shortest interval that you require. The Invoice King Pro recurring script will only run at the time specified in the settings.

When an invoice is generated, it is placed in your admin ready for you to double check or add to, then send off your your client. Please note: the addon does NOT send the invoices automatically to your clients, it ONLY generates the invoice at the specified time and adds it to your invoice list.