Great plugin! Implemented within minutes and simple for end users to manage.
Client is particularly happy with the reporting features of the plugin.
BFowler for Ad King Pro

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Ad King Pro has FINALLY has an update! A cleanup really with a few tweaks to a couple of features. More to come!
Your using Ad King Pro right? Your site is responsive, surely. Implement adverts so their mobile friendly!
Invoice King Pro and Ad King Pro both receive some amazing new features that you will want to know about!
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Output a RSS Feed in WordPress the way you need it

Need to output a RSS feed on your site and have that feed (or feeds) look a particular way? Look no further, RSS King Pro does what you need it to: Output a RSS feed in WordPress the way you need it. With a number of controls and options, you can go wrong with RSS King Pro.

Choose what and where the data for each item is output by specifying the fields you need using the variables setup surrounded by HTML that you want around it. Choose how many items are pulled from the feed, whether you paginate the feed and even have those pages load in via AJAX.

Control the length of the title, excerpt and the content if need be. Control the format of the date you display for each item.

There is nothing that can’t be controlled by RSS King Pro when outputting a feed onto your page. Try it out now.